Today’s outfit and accessories

Summer is sort of here! ☀️ I’m really enjoying wearing lots of pretty dresses in the summer sunshine 💖  pictured is a cute little ditsy Tea dress from H&M which I picked up from EBay for £3.00 👌🏻 I’m an avid bargain hunter so always trying to pick up clothes on the cheap!


I’ve teamed it with a pair of black patent boots from New Look which cost around £7 in the sale! 👍🏻 


I’ve also teamed the outfit with a customised studded vintage wrangler denim jacket which I also picked up for a fiver on Ebay – customised by myself 😝 


And none of my outfits would be complete without a bit of GalaxyRox sparkle ✨💘  


All rings available from GalaxyRoxJewellery ðŸŒ™âœ¨ðŸ’—

5 thoughts on “Today’s outfit and accessories

  1. I have this dress, I love it but it is a little short, especially when its windy, so pairing with thick leggings is a really good idea! I also love patent shoes they are so practical as it takes a lot of wear in order for them to look worn down. BONUS! xxx

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    1. I know it is a tad on the short side! And patent boots are perfect for the English weather as you never know when it’s gonna rain! 😝 xxx

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